The perky life-lover hippie.Most often seen in bars. if not, she’s likely to be in your house, already making herself comfy.


Rule #1: be polite to bartenders. Especially when they have axes lying about.


Cynical and "sane" next to Roomie. It doesn’t seem to keep him from being attracted to her though.


One of Roomie’s lovers, and Jo's bar's fan. She tries not to fall for Roomie, and sometimes fails.


Jak is currently transitioning FtM (in medical terms). He is very fond of ladies and a good smoke. 


Unaffected by Roomie’s charm, all Lillian wants is a good sleep and her lucid dreams. She might not often show it, but she does care for Roomie.



Mr Kitteh


Lillian's big brother. Fun and open minded, this dude has but one true passion: music. He is also bisexual, and engaged!




Allan’s fiancée, but apparently at ease with Allan sleeping with men. Determined and often a bit blunt when she wants to "be clear". 



Allan's man-lover. Joins in with Evelyne for threesomes at times, but knows to keep his hands off when needed. 


Everyone’s favorite bitch! Don’t forget to give him a biscuit and a slap on the ass <3


Richard's twin sister. As a dom, she likes to have her way with men, but would never refuse a sweet "innocent" gal like Roomie.  



The Little One

  A tale of wonder and poo.





  The Wise Old Crone. A peaceful woman who enjoys sitting in her garden and smoking her pipe. She brings good counsel when needed.

 Garden Boy

  WOC's young gardener, doesn't talk (much), and likes to wear dresses. His story is a mysterious one indeed.




 The Knight in Furs

  Lillian's version of the amazing "The Knight in Rusty Armor" by Robert Fisher. 



  Lillian's version of Merlin in mentioned tale above.




  Self-proclaimed nympho, and proud of it. Her nickname comes from the "GuldenDraak" beer.

Ramona and Richard's older sister. She's in a relationship with her lover Camilla and her best friend Anael.
A transwoman Evelyne met at the camping trip.