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Posted August 26, 2017 at 11:30 am

GGaR is on hold until the choice has been made! (NO PRESSURE RIGHT)

If there are any Native Americans who follow this comic and who would like to share their honest thoughts with me on this, I welcome you to do so at

Thanks everyone for your patience and sincerity<3

UPDATE: Next GGaR strip will appear on Wednesday! Whichever choice I've made, it's taking time to prepare.



Hey room-butts<3

There's been a change in the Hiveworks comics website management (Comic Control update), so if you come across tech issues that's probably why! Don't hesitate to contact me or Hiveworks if errors persist.

Also, hey, happy 2018 everyone! Here's wishing all of you a year full of enriching new discoveries and a bucket load of joy (we deserve it!) But most of all, keep it up, and keep being you!

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Welcome (back) to Go Get a Roomie! Come in and make yourself at home. We have tea, blankets, and open-minded conversations :)