Lesbian Books/Movies

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Lesbian novels I have read so far:

-Broken Wings by LJ Baker: an interesting take on the fairy world and how different politics and species interact, themes: family, love and trust.
-Thirteen Hours by Meghan O’Brien: two beautiful women with very different personnalities are stuck in an elevator for 13 hours. You’ll never guess what happens! ;) erotic fiction.
-Hunter’s Way by Gerri Hills: police/drama with badass and unreachable Hunter being stuck with a beautiful woman as a partner to fight crime.
-Devil’s Rock by Gerri Hills: The storyline and mood is very close to Hunter’s Way, and can be considered a sequel, though it follows a case with two different women. If I had to choose though, Hunter’s Way was more spicy and new to read, and the characters more interesting.
-The Exile and the Sorceress by Jane Fletcher: 1st part of the Lyremouth Chronicles, fantasy and lesbians. The whole three books of the series are a very nice and interesting quest to follow! (edit: apparently there’s a fourth book I’ve missed!)
-Ash by Malinda Lo: best version of Cinderella I’ve ever come across! Fairy tale and romance.
-Huntress by Malinda Lo: I preferred this one slightly more because of the intrigue in this great adventure. It had a great fantasy universe, and lovely characters. I wouldn’t mind a sequel to it. Loved reading it!
-Stranded by Blayne Cooper: Witty humor, survival adventure, intense moments, and full of friendship and growing love between two women. One of my favorites so far!
-Hard Times by Blayne Cooper: Lorna’s lived a long time in prison, learning the hard ways of survival in such a dangerous environment. When her new cellmate Kellie arrives though, her habit to not trust anybody fades, bits by bits. And something else is born. A pleasurable read, though taking place in a violent background, not at all as heavy/angsty as you’d think. Quite the contrary on several occasions, actually, which I really appreciated. And it’s hot.
-Stir-fry by Emma Donoghue: Takes place in Dublin, a 17 year old girl manages to find two room-mates who she discovers are two lesbian lovers. Lovely room-mate stories and friendship, though I found the story lacked something on several occasions.
-Landing by Emma Donoghue: Two women meet in an airplane and fall hard for each other. Unfortunately, they don’t live in the same country at all, and their relationship is a long-distance one. Very sweet and interesting when it comes to cultures specifically. You can recognize the author’s style of writing, and it seems to make the stories she writes more credible in a way. Which I appreciate, though she isn’t in my top favorites. Loved the ending though.
-Fire Logic (1st of the Elemental Logic trilogy) by Laurie J. Marks: First book of the Elemental Logic series. OH GOD YES, is my first thought about it. I do love me some fantasy universe, and this one didn’t disappoint. A solid story, lovely characters all different from one another in a very attractive way, a plot that had me stay awake til 6a.m before giving in to sleep (it was still relunctant). And of course the fact that in this universe, everyone’s naturally bisexual, so although the two main characters are totally lesbian for one another, it doesn’t make any deal out of it. All in all: I can’t friggin’ wait to read the next book (Earth Logic), and I really recommend these deliciously big books.
-Unexpected Sparks by Gina L. Dartt: a sweet romance between a 26, and a 40 years old woman. Their relationship (and attraction) builds as they follow trails to reveal the truth about a murder discovered in their town. The sequel, Unexpected Ties, is in the same idea. An enjoyable and interesting read.
-Lessons by Kim Pritekel: a very sweet relationship between a student and her teacher, who, she discovers, was actually once her babysitter when young. Their friendship gradually becomes something more, as they hang out more and more often. I do admit to have waited quite a while for that goddamn kiss ;) Very enjoyable read though, and nicely written, with great humor.
-And Playing the Role of Herself by K.E. Lane: One of my favorites. Two actresses working shortly together on a police series, and one spontaneously falling quite hard for the other. Very sweet and never boring to read. I especially loved how in their police series, they discover lesbian fanfictions of their characters and act on it xD If you know me a little, you’d know damn well how pleasantly surprised I was!
-Safe Harbor by Radclyffe: I loved the character Reese, a new sheriff in town completely oblivious and clueless about attraction and lust, yet making women fall on their knees because of this “innocence”. The Doctor Victoria King is also a character I appreciated, missing a leg and still full of character and motivation. The both of them interacting was what made this book so enjoyable to read! Has several sequels I have yet to read.
-Above All, Honor by Radclyffe: Nice setup, good intrigue, sexy characters. Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts is to watch over the seducing president’s daughter, and try not to fall in her game. Smexy. Has sequels I have yet to read!
-The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody: Lesbian pirates FTW! Well-written and witty, with an epic sea adventure including two sexy women having to cruise the ship together. Very enjoyable read!
-Promises, Promises by LJ Baker: a knight fairytale satyre. Includes lesbians, a hopeless mission, and humor humor humor. I cracked up more than once!
-None so Blind by LJ Maas: I knew the author was a fan of Xena/Gabrielle. I could feel it in the relation the two women have. It’s very well-written, and sooo sweet and tender. Really.
The Nature of Smoke by Anne Harris: bad-ass riot girl and hippie microbiologist against evil AI engineer and business man. The riot girl so had me thinking of Katchoo from Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise, and the hippie scientist is just lovely in every kind of way. This book is definitely different from the others, throws the reader in a sort of futuristic universe and you don’t know where it goes, but you gotta keep on reading. Another pleasant story that doesn’t make a big deal out of two women falling in love.
Books/authors I haven’t read (yet), but are recommended by my friend:

Mavis Applewater: her work can be found on Amazon and here!
Madam President by Blayne Cooper: found here! About a biography writer and president falling in love.
Outcome by Kim Pritekel: begins with the main characters in high school, but at the end are in their late twenties/early thirties. Can be found here!
Sister Mischief by Laura Goode: hip-hop and young adult girls
Annie On My Mind by Nancy Garden: young adult coming of age
Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters: young adult coming of age/coming out
Dare Truth or Promise by Paula Boock: angst and lesbians, young adult.
Gravity by Leanne Lieberman: jewish teen struggles with her sexuality and her religion.
I Can’t Think Straight by Shamim Sarif: Palestinian women fall in love (also a movie :chloe’s note: very nice movie too!)
S.X. Meagher: found on Amazon and here!
Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown: a classic in lesbian fiction.
Sarah Waters: historically accurate as well as intriguing and entertaining. Author of Tipping the Velvet, and Fingersmith (both made into movies, and both a fun watch).
Lesbian movies I have watched so far:
-Fingersmith: From Sarah Water’s novel. Great acting, interesting and unexpected twisted plot!
-Tipping the Velvet: From Sarah Water’s novel. Lovely plot full of surprises, both pleasantly cheesy and original. Definitely fun to watch!
-D.E.B.S: A brilliantly funny movie. The stereotyped all girl agents, versus a sexy lesbian villain. Sweet and fun!
-French Twist (Gazon Maudit): French, but apparently there are subtitles if you look around. Lovely way to introduce a bit of our french humor! Hilarious, and lovely ending.
-But I’m a Cheerleader: Another humorous movie about gays and lesbians. I cracked up laughing more than once, they use stereotypes brilliantly! And make fun of them just as much. I recommend it!
-Bound: Thriller, with two gorgeous babes falling hard for each other and having a dangerous plan to escape with money.
-And Then Came Lola: I liked the humor but… the plot’s just way too confusing. Not in a good Inception what the hell is going on kind of way, in a “wait what..? Did they give any thought to this?” confusing kind of way. Watch it for the hot actress if you must though.
-Better Than Chocolate: I certainly enjoyed this one. More than most, probably, because of the diversity it had (lesbians, trans, bisexual nympho, uncertain mother) and the great humor behind it all. I recommend it all the way!
-Desert Hearts: A pretty old and classic movie, but nonetheless enjoyable. Sweet romance and lovely acting.
-Imagine Me and You: OH GOD THEY’RE HOT. I mean uh— great acting, lovely humor, in a classic british kind of way. The story’s really nice and touching. …and they’re hot.
-Grey Matters: Nice humor, adorable interaction between the siblings before the brother falls for a woman, and the sister does too… for the same woman.
-Loving Annabelle: I think this is when I discovered my student/teacher fetish. Screw it, they’re both sexy and meant for each other. Very sweet and touching!
-Kissing Jessica Stein: Jessica is straight. Until she meets this lovely woman who she can’t seem but be attracted to. This going both ways, a lovely movie about discovery and hilarious awkward moments. The ending is… I understand it. Can’t say I was a tad bit disappointed though ;)
-If These Walls Could Talk2: Three or four short movies into one, each about different lesbian couples of different age and periods. VERY interesting and touching to watch.
-When Night is Falling: A Christian and straight woman is to marry her man, and live happily ever after a classic and strict christian life. Those plans quickly fall apart when she meets Perry, a fun circus gal.
-Saving Face: “A Chinese-American lesbian and her traditionalist mother are reluctant to go public with secret loves that clash against cultural expectations.” (~imdb) Lovely story I enjoyed watching.
-The Gymnast: A woman takes up gymnastic after so long and meets a young gymnast she has to work with. Things lead to that, and she has to make a choice. Her normal routine life with her husband doesn’t seem so livable anymore.
-The Hours: I was all fangirl-like when hearing the oh-so-familiar soundtrack of Philip Glass
-The Hunger: Interesting movie about a lady vampire making her lovers turn into immortals, or trying to anyway. I found the vampire’s love to be surprisingly tangible.
-Bitch Slap: Okay, apart from the fact that there’s Renee O’Connor and Lucy Lawless playing virgin nuns, and that I squealed like I’ve never squealed before and replayed the scene 12 times… this movie’s pretty good! In fact, I very much enjoyed the badassery going on throughout the movie. And I was not expecting hot lesbian lovin’. A very… pleasant surprise.
-Bloomington: After watching this movie I finally confirmed I had a teacher/student fetisch. The hotness, seriously.
TV series with lesbian subtext and/or maintext (click on the title to watch the opening/trailer on youtube):
Xena Warrior Princess: I could never love Xena enough. My most favorite series of all. The subtext begins more or less early, depending how soon you put your lesbian goggles on, and in the last seasons in just goes maintext all the way. Watch it. Watch. It.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Just discovered (and finished) it. Joss Whedon is a genius. Excellent ride, I recommend it 100%. Though the first season may seem a bit childish, the rest of the episodes is definitely worth the time. Oh and the lesbians don’t come until season 4, but it’s all worth it :)
Warehouse 13: Myka/HG, UNF! Heavy subtext only comes by season 2 but the series is great even without. Also, I love the dynamic between the two main characters, Pete and Myka. They’re just friends (thank god) but awesomely so.
Rizzoli&Isles: Even the actress know they play on subtext. Watch and learn just how hot eyesex can be ;) The chemistry between the two women is simply delicious.
Lost Girl: Not subtext at all, the main character (a succubus) gets it on with the human doctor. It’s no spoiler, you can see their attraction for each other in like the second episode. Definitely some nice moments in the series, and quite hilarious quotes, also interesting universe, but I can’t help but feel something’s lacking. Still worth the watch!
Lesbian comic books I keep preciously in my library:
Jane’s World by Paige Braddock: There’s thousands of comic strips in the comic, so take your time finishing it. But overall, though the drawings are quite simple due to the comic format, it’s a nice (lesbian) ride. Plus it got me at it’s second page I think, when Jane does a Xena reference.
Small Favors by Colleen Coover: Definitely porn, but in such a cheery and upbeat way, you can’t not love it! Has a Roomie vibe to it ;)
Rapaces by Dufaux&Marini: I know it’s been translated in a few languages, but I don’t know the titles. The art is pretty amazing, and even though the story’s about vampires, it’s got it’s unique touch. And fffffuuuuudge the lesbian scenes are HOT. Totally fanservice-y, but still hot.
A la faveur de la nuit by Jimmy Beaulieu: Also his “Comedie Sentimentale Pornographique“, which I of course recommend, but here lies the problem of language barriers. At least I can recommend this to the frenchies reading this! They are truly a jewel! I’m in love with Jimmy’s storytelling.
Sweet lovin’ baby by Ebine Yamaji: This manga-ka is pretty well-known in the yuri section. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!
Blue by Kiriko Nanananan: Nananananabatlesbo? Ahem, sorry. I think this is the first ever yuri that I’ve ever read. As such, it’s a bit precious to my eyes. The pace of the story reminds me of Ebine Yamaji, and it’s adorable.
Utena by Be-Papas: Go read. Or watch. Now.